About us

Established since 1989,

Our job consists in simplifying yours by providing you with a global, flexible and powerful solution matching with all your needs.

  • We receive, process and disseminate financial information.
  • We design, build, host and manage websites and apps.
  • We adapt ourselves to your concerns.
  • We provide you with customised easy-to-implement services.

These services concern e.g. :

  • The display of your share price (quotes and charts).
  • The dissemination, the storage and the display of your (non) regulatory news.
  • The management of your mailing lists.
  • The display of your financial information.
  • The design, the building, the hosting and the management of
    • Your responsive design website,
    • Your app for iOS and Android.
  • The hosting and the feeding of financial pages displayed in your electronic (financial portal) and printed editions.

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